Best Paint Colors For A Daycare

As adults, we notice that certain colors have a substantial impact on our overall mood. In fact, many psychologists around the globe recommend decorating and painting with colors that uplift, calm and energize. The same can be said for young children, though, they seem to be hypersensitive to color’s emotion altering effects.

Youth that spend a majority of their waking (and napping) hours at a daycare facility depend on an environment that they can feel comfortable in. It is important to note that not all children are the same, so the results may vary depending on the child. By choosing the right paint colors for each room, the area’s intended purpose may help little ones adhere well.

We wanted to bring you expert information on the best paint colors for a daycare, so we asked the professional painters at Fort Wayne Painters – They have a lot of experience helping homeowners with picking the best paint colors for their house, so we thought they would also have some ideas for a daycare.

Here’s what they shared with us, along with information about the emotions each color can help bring about:

Blue for Nap Rooms

Whether you only have a designated location for naps or an entire room dedicated to it, it goes without saying that the area will have to be clear of distractions, calm and soothing. To help achieve this cozy, comfy, stress free environment, the color blue can be painted along the walls. Some suggest even painting the ceiling of a nap room, with a darker blue on the walls and a lighter blue tone on the ceiling. The color blue is well-known for its anti-anxiety calming effects, and it can even help lower heart rates and blood pressure, which is perfect before nap time!

Red for Playroom

As children play, squeal, laugh and let their imaginations run wild, it is only natural for them to immerse themselves in the fun, excitingly painted room for playtime! Red paint would be a fine addition to the walls of a playroom as it energizes the body by increasing heart and breathing rates. Too much red, however, can be agitating for young minds, so red paint is best as an accent, allowing room on the walls for other bright, playful colors like orange, purple or pink.

Green for Library

Have a spot in your daycare for story hour? No matter what age, encouraging literacy in young minds is essential, and a good way to introduce reading is to do it at a young age in an environment that supports it! The color green has scientifically been noted as possibly helping to improve a child’s reading speed and comprehension. Soothe your daycare’s tiny readers with green paint to ensure their reading experience is a memorable one that will help them want to keep at it for the rest of their lives.


Choosing what colors to paint a daycare can be a difficult task for those that are not familiar with colors and their mood changing abilities. With that being said, not every child may become restful by seeing the color blue or excited when viewing the color red. The same can even be said for adults, as some may be fond of painting their entire house bright yellow while the thought of such action might make others disgusted. Nonetheless, colors are not just pleasing to look at; they have valuable capabilities that can help guide the mind, body and spirit in the right direction. It is hard not to appreciate the power and beauty of a color, and lucky for us, we can add it to our daily lives by purchasing some paint cans and brushes.