Here are Three Things You Should Definitely Do In Poland.

Here are Three Things You Should Definitely Do In Poland.

When you hear about the country of Poland, you would often think of Gothic cathedrals and salt-washed beaches of the Baltic Bays

And though those are amazing places to see and experience in Poland, people don’t see it as much of a selling point anymore. So what else can you do in this country? 

Well, that’s what we’re here for. To give you three things that you should definitely do in the country of Poland! And with low-cost airlines and cheap coach connections, you could say that this is the hottest destination to visit in Europe this year! 

Hike the Tetra Mountains. 

Are you the outdoor type? Looking to quell your thirst for adventure by going through rivers, wandering forests, and scaling mountains? Well, if that is more of your type, then Poland has the Tetra Mountains just for you! 

These mountains rise to a mighty 2,655 meters above sea level which makes them every hiker’s dream! It’s also covered in fir trees and rock-ribbed hills so there’ll be plenty of challenges for the average hiker here. 

And the best time to go hiking in Poland is in the summer. The warm sun mixed with the cool air will make the hike all the better. And when you reach the peaks of these mountains from the town of Zakopane, then you’ll know that trip makes it all worth it. 

Wander the Krakow Old Town. 

Considered to be one of the very first UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Krakow Old Town is one of Poland’s most famous attractions, and you should definitely drop by. 

From the needle-like spires of St. Mary’s Basilica to the winding and weaving cobblestone alleyways, to the great Market Square and the half-remaining medieval Town Hall, Krakow Old Town is a town filled with historic attractions and breathtaking architectures. 

Though there are some cases of people getting lost in this great Old Town, so make sure to get a guide to help you out. Otherwise, you might find yourself engulfed too much in this town’s jaw-dropping streets. 

Try the Polish Food.

Take a break from the traditional McDonald’s or Starbucks and embrace the ever so delicious local food you can find around every street corner, trust me, you’ll wish you had! 

Polish food often relies on novel pairings, so side dishes and seasoning alongside a meaty hero is the norm. So prepare to get your stomach filled every day, as the food here can almost seem a bit too much for people to handle. 

Filling soups, dumplings, duck meat, goose, alongside vodka is a pretty common dish around here and will often be seen. And just by these options, you can already tell that you’ll find yourself full going back to where you came from. 


Poland is a completely underrated country. With huge mountains, inspiring Old Towns, and mouth-watering local foods, you’ll wonder why it was underrated in the first place! So when you finally get to this wonderful country, now you know what things will make your stay all the more worthwhile. 

Why You Should Visit Los Angeles if You Have the Chance.

Why You Should Visit Los Angeles if You Have the Chance.

Most people from around the world already know of Los Angeles, California. It’s in almost every movie, video game, song, and other pop culture. It has some of the most famous actors living in her and is probably only second to New York City in terms of popularity. But when you find yourself on the beaches of California, what should you do really? Well, here is why you should visit Los Angeles. 

The Amazing Weather. 

Most people probably don’t know this, but in Cali, the weather can be so fair almost all year round. It’s to the point where you can really just wear shorts for the majority of the year because of its near-perfect weather. So if you decide to head to the beaches, you can go and wear your traditional swimsuit, and then when night hits you can wear a flashy casual suit for those wild parties. 

Breathtaking hiking spots. 

Los Angeles is no stranger to high mountains and long trekkings. In this city, it’s more than just beaches and nightlife parties. If you wanted to, you could also traverse the various mountains on the sides and have an exhilarating view of the city! Or if you just want to have a quick jog, that would do here too. 

Nostalgic filming locations. 

We all know that Los Angeles is also home to the infamous Hollywood. The place where most movies that we know and love come from. And because of this, you’ll find that while you’re walking around Los Angeles you’ll start to see familiar places that you may or may not have seen in a few movies before. 

Celebrity spotting. 

Since we’re on the topic of Hollywood itself, let’s talk about the people that live there, more specifically, the celebrities. It is completely possible for you to come across a celebrity or two during your visit here. Since most of these world-renowned actors live here, you might even be able to grab a selfie with one of them, just don’t be rude about it. 

Haunted locations. 

Now, if you are instead a fan of the supernatural, you’ll find that there is no shortage of that here either. That’s not a good thing really, but it is still a part of Los Angeles, and if the thrill of finding something you shouldn’t or uncovering deep and disturbing stories are you, then you can come on over and get your spook on! 

Roadtrips and camping. 

And finally, Los Angeles California is a big city, and most of it is actually just long roads filled with an adventure along the mountains and forests. You’ll find that a simple road trip can actually lead you to a fun and memorable ride that can end with some camping under the beautiful night sky. 


And there you have it, folks, just a few reasons why visiting Los Angeles should be a part of your bucket list. It is an amazing city filled with so much life and adventure. So if you’re in America and looking for that summer vibe, then this is the place for you.