Different Types Of Home Medical Care Services

At home services for medical purposes are plenty and determining an apt service is based on the severity of the patient’s medical condition. Some of the various services offered include:-

Doctor care

Doctors often visit patients who cannot make it to the hospital to make a precise diagnosis and treat the patient accordingly. They tend to formulate suitable home healthcare demands as well.

Nursing care


Nursing care home services are the most common of the lot, as it is quite popular to avail the services of a nurse post doctor’s consultation on the patient’s medical needs. Nursing care covers activities such as ostomy care, wound dressing, therapy, administering medication and evaluation of health.

Speech, occupational or physical therapy

Therapeutic services are essential for those patients unable to walk, talk or remember after suffering from severe trauma. And such patients will need daily guidance to relearn such imperative abilities. Each therapist serves different purposes; a physical therapist helps formulate a plan of exercises and movements to help strengthen the muscles around the joints for effective action. Speech therapists help patients with impaired speech to communicate with absolute clarity. An occupational therapist helps patients suffering from the inability to perform daily tasks such as eating, writing, dressing, bathing, social and emotional distress as well.

Medical social services

Medical social workers are availed for those complex medical cases of patients who demand various services for effective treatment. Moreover, they help in offering counseling services and delivering local community necessities for needed treatment.

Care from home health aides

Medical condition

Such aides receive specific medical training for helping patients unable of performing daily tasks such as getting up, getting dressed or using the toilet facilities.

Homemaker or basic assistance care

When a patient is under medical treatment at home and is succumbed to being bedridden, a homemaker is a person who attends to all daily chores of the patient’s house such as cleaning, cooking, laundry, and grocery shopping.


Adding to the previous point, patients will tend to get lonely in their sole presence and often require the motivation and care of a companion.

Volunteer care

Community organizations offer volunteers to patients to help in their recovery by providing them with care, companionship, tending medical paperwork or transportation services.

Nutritional support

Nutrition experts such as dieticians and nutritionists visit patients to help formulate necessary and effective diets for the speedy recovery process.

X-ray imaging and laboratory services

Due to the unfortunate circumstances of the patient, necessary laboratory tests such as urine and blood test and x-ray imaging can be taken from the comfort of the patient’s home.

Pharmaceutical services

The necessary medicines and equipment for treatment can all be delivered to the patient’s residence.


Certain companies exist which provide valuable transportation services to those bedridden patients who need to visit the hospital for regular medical check-ups and physical examinations.